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About Us

Founded in 1999

Founded On Financial Strength, Fair Dealing And Innovative Solutions

In 1999 Jimmy Pettigrew and Bobby Tims founded PT Corporation. Jimmy brought his decades of food distribution experience and Bobby brought his financial and administrative background. They steadily grew their brokerage business until Jimmy’s retirement in 2004.

That year Bobby brought in Joey Holecek and Michael Tims to push the business outside of the boundaries of the Mississippi Delta. They noticed that the best logistics specialists are rare and possess a skill set that could not be easily taught. They sought out, recruited, and hired some of the country’s most talented logistics coordinators. Just as Amazon had become the top platform for the nation’s retailers, PT became the top platform and financial/administrative partner for these seasoned professionals. We truly have the best agents in the business.

Recently, PT has doubled its home office floor space and staff. We continue to recruit and hire the most capable and professional logistics team in the country.

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